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Student Lunch with Invited Speakers

We would like to invite all students and postdoctoral fellows who wish to meet the invited speakers to sign up for "Meet the Speakers" lunch that will take place during the Spring Meeting 2018.
Do not miss the opportunity to interact with leading scientists and ask them your own questions in an informal setting.
To register, please send us an email at isabell.witt[at]uni-koeln.de with the names of the scientists you would like to meet during the speaker's lunch. Please check the table below for speaker's availability.
In case you are doing this for the first time and are having questions, please ask your supervisors or get in contact with Isabell (isabell.witt[at]uni-koeln.de).
Speaker Thursday (08.03.2018)
Ben Blencowe  
Javier Caceres  
Maria Carmo-Fonseca  
Elena Conti  
Rachel Green  
Helge Grosshans  
Florian Heyd  
Torben Heick Jensen  
Sebastian Kadener  
Raul Mendez  
Dawn O’Reilly  
Lori Passmore  
Nick Proudfoot  
Renee Schroeder  
Bertrand Seraphin  
Martine Simonelig  
David Stanek  
Katja Sträßer  
Jernej Ule  

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